New additions to the list of cities that have taken additional steps to keep their locations less polluted than anywhere else in the world.

Least Polluted Cities Worldwide
In a world finally waking up to the many horrors of global warming, countries are finally realizing the potentially lethal effects it may have on our very existence. Regional climates have already started changing, the ice caps are melting at an alarming rate; all in all our earth is quickly reaching its boiling point. However, through the efforts of a few well organized institutions, organizations and individuals, world leaders are finally realizing the dangers and implementing, perhaps grudgingly, climate protective policies.

Some nations are making great leaps towards a cleaner and healthier earth, by formulating environment friendly policies and ensuring their strict implementation. The cities of these nations are therefore, naturally, the cleaner and less polluted than any other city in the world. While there is a list of some of the cleanest and least polluted cities in the world – this list will change as more countries and cities step up to the plate to add their names.

6 - Calgary – the largest city in Alberta, Canada has time and again been declared one of the greenest cities in the world. The city is able to maintain such high levels of cleanliness due to its efficient transportation system and an extremely well planned traffic grid system, reducing the harmful emissions from automobiles. It has many factories, but it has been able to keep the pollution to a minimal due to its advantageous climate as well as effective administrative controls.

5 - Honolulu – it is an American city and the low levels of pollution in the city are mainly due to the lack of pollution generating industries. Its proximity to the ocean coupled with a well managed bus transit system has enabled it to keep its pollution levels very low.

4 - Helsinki – it is Europe’s least polluted city. Their light rail system is so efficient that the city’s the residents can keep the pollution emissions at a low level, and the use of automobiles is kept to a bare minimum.

3 - Ottawa – the 2nd Canadian city to make the list. Again, their efficient light commuter system coupled with the efforts of the population mean that the pollution levels remain low. Almost 60,000 citizens participate every year in the city’s “Spring Cleaning the Capital” campaign to clean the public parks, roads, streets etc.

2 - Minneapolis – the trademark of this American city is its administration’s environmentally friendly policies. Like other cities that made this list, this city also has an efficient light commuter system, while its people enjoy alternative means of transportations such as biking.

1 - Oslo – the government of Norway has made a serious commitment to a greener environment, which is why starting in 2010,  the government has decided to implement a bus transit system run on fuel generated from human waste. Other than this they have an integrated bicycle rental system which the citizens can rent from the 90 different stations in the city.

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4 Responses to “What are the Least Polluted Cities Worldwide? – Updated Article With Extra Information On The Cleanest Cities In The World”

  1. 1
    mike Says:

    As a commentor said, this list needs qualifying by giving the factors that were used to generate it. In my few it should include; recycling, car use, industry emmisions, green space, energy use, public awareness of green issues, alternative energy projects and research centers

  2. 2
    jake Says:

    North American cities in general are doing well with recycling projects. Canadian cities in particular have very advanced schemes, and something like 50% of trash is recycled in Ottowa.

  3. 3
    jason Says:

    I would love to know by what criteria this list was formed. Calgary and Ottawa in the top six? I don’t think so. North American cities are built around the car, and Calgary is no exception. It has numerous wide highways, shopping and housing zones tend to be seperate and far apart, public transport is poor, and car use per person (car hours per week) is much higher than in practically any European city.

  4. 4
    Issac Maez Says:

    Hi there may I use some of the information here in this post if I provide a link back to your site?

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