Below you'll find answers to the Five "W" questions as related to alternative fuels.

Alternative Fuels Definition
First let's start by answering the "what" question. There are several definitions for alternative fuels out there but not all are clear. One of the better alternative fuels definition web sites is found at the National Safety Council. This site provides factual information about traditional substitutes for fuels. Methanol, ethanol and others are discussed.

Who should use alternative fuel?
Everyone from big businesses to individual consumers should use alternative fuel. Even the government honors the use of alternative energy, such as ethanol alternative fuel by offering an alternative fuel tax credit to those who are eligible.

When should alternative energy be used?
One of the most overlooked areas of the alternative fuels definition is when it should be used. The answer is that it should be used as often as it can help reduce the environmental damage being caused daily by traditional sources of energy.

Where are the changes taking place?
Another of the alternative fuels definition that can be looked at is where are the changes taking place? Europe has long been farther ahead of us in all things environmental but with the advent of things like the alternative fuel tax credit as well as an increased concern for the environment the United States is making a big push to increase alternative fuel.

Why should alternative energy like ethanol alternative fuel be used?

To be a good steward of the environment.

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