The third type of electricity from municipal solid waste technology is the modular controlled air incineration system. These power plants can only utilize around fifty tons of municipal solid waste per day, and use two different combustion processes. The first chamber does not completely burn the waste, and creates a gas that is used in the second combustion chamber. These waste to energy plants are not very efficient, and can not create electricity for resale to the utility companies. Pyrolysis is the fourth technology used in some methods of municipal solid waste management. This process uses a chamber that has no oxygen and a high temperature to decompose wastes that are organic. When Pyrolysis and gasification occur together, the process is more efficient and cost effective.

Municipal Solid Waste to Energy
The global problem of municipal waster overload has created an opportunity to use the waste as a conversion to electricity. Types of electricity production From solid municipal waster and some of the hurtles that need to be overcome.

Municipal solid waste to energy, also known as electricity production from solid municipal waste, may offer one of the largest domestic opportunities for an alternative and renewable energy source that is good for the environment and the population at the same time. Millions of tons of solid municipal waste are created every day in America, and this can become a source of problems or a source of energy. The typical way that municipal solid waste management used to be done was by dumping all the waste into landfills, and letting them slowly decompose and reduce. This causes several problems, including greenhouse gases being released by the decomposing material, and the possibility of leachate that can enter the ground water with harmful contaminants. In addition, many landfills across the country are becoming full, and can not hold any more solid municipal waste. Municipal solid waste to energy programs can help eliminate landfill crowding, and the process is eco friendly without any dangerous chemicals, toxins, or pollution. The process creates steam, which then is used to power a steam driven turbine engine that generates electricity for use in your home. This means garbage, also known as municipal solid waste, may leave your home and become the electricity that flows back in it.

Municipal solid waste to energy power plants can use one of four main types of technology, and these are refuse derived fuel, mass burn, pyrolysis, and modular controlled air. These plants are intended to burn municipal solid waste around the clock, and can be extremely efficient. One ton of municipal solid waste can provide five to six hundred hours of light or other electrical needs to your home. Since America makes millions of tons of the stuff, it is not hard to see the unlimited possibilities. Refuse derived fuel municipal solid waste to energy power plants, also called RDF facilities, have a processing area where recyclable products are taken out of the waste stream and used for the boiler, to create the heat. These plants can eliminate almost fourteen hundred tons of municipal solid waste each day, which takes a lot of pressure off the landfills and the environment. Municipal solid waste to energy facilities may also use the mass burn technology. In this process, mixed municipal solid waste is dumped into the boilers with no preparation or sorting.

Electricity production from municipal solid waste can be very efficient, depending on the method that is used. The level of carbon or greenhouse gas emissions and environmental friendliness will also depend on the processing method used to generate the electricity. Generating electricity from municipal solid waste, which you discard every day, can be a terrific way to get the energy the world needs, without putting any more strain or pollution on it.

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