Careers in renewable energy are really taking off, and alternative energy college degrees and jobs in the alternative energy business sector are becoming more widely available and numerous. Many countries including the United States have made a commitment to change the way energy is used, and where it comes from. Fossil fuels are extremely harmful to the environment, during both their recovery and their use, and these fuels and power sources are limited. Careers in renewable energy will help because in the near future fossil fuels and other harmful or polluting sources will no longer be used. Instead there will be an alternative energy business sector that provides solar, wind, hydro, and other power types that are both clean and renewable. Careers in renewable energy will most likely require alternative energy college degrees, and this field is really starting to open up and become a major player in the energy market. Green homes and construction, fuel efficient hybrid cars, electric vehicles, and many more environmentally friendly products are the results of research by people with careers in renewable technology. These jobs can involve researching new technologies, designing or installing systems which use renewable resources rather than traditional ones, and even engineering buildings and homes which are completely ecofriendly and practice energy conservation on a large scale. Careers in renewable energy are wide ranging, and there are jobs suited to any individual. As oil and other fossil fuels become more scarce and harder to recover, alternative sources will really become widely used. This means job security and a much higher earning potential in the future.

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