It is time that the concept of sustainable power becomes more than just simple words. The future of the earth and mankind depend on it. It is time that every person takes responsibility and makes an effort to end dependence on fossil fuels, and instead encourage the development of sustainable power that is friendly to the atmosphere and the environment. Energy resources that are sustainable are much better for the environment, but they can also cost more to collect and may need to be researched further. The amount of money invested into sources of sustainable power will have a direct impact on the results. Federal spending on renewable energy sources has dropped significantly, and companies and researchers receive far less funding than many of the fossil fuel companies. It is time to take a stand and support sustainable power by making a contribution or even voting on alternative energy funding or production. The earth does not have an endless supply of fossil fuels, as gas prices reflect, and as long as alternatives involving sustainable power are underfunded and neglected, alternative options will not be available when an eventual shortage begins to take serious effect. Using sustainable power sources would mean an end to dependence on foreign resources. This would also keep the American economy more stable and help preserve the environment and the world as we know it.

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