Considering biomass energy as a renewable energy source takes deep examination
into the overall levels of the conversion process. This article looks at both sides
to see if biomass energy should be a top consideration

  • Evaluating the biomass energy pros and cons will show why this power source is becoming very popular

  • Biomass comes in many different forms, including plant and animal material as well as household garbage, and they can all be used to generate power

  • Out of all the renewable alternative energy sources, biomass is the most flexible and has advantages which outweigh the drawbacks

Biomass Energy Pros and Cons
Evaluating the biomass energy pros and cons is an important step in determining whether biomass is the ideal alternative renewable energy source. There are many types of this material, because any organic material which decays is biomass, and also many ways to use this material to create fuel and energy. All energy sources have advantages and disadvantages, and it is important to evaluate these to determine whether the renewable source is environmentally friendly, safe, efficient, and effective. Some processes and materials used are not very efficient, with some greenhouse gas emissions and high power use involved in the process. Some of the first biofuels were created from corn and soybeans, which are food crops. This removes these foods from the global food supply, and there have been accusations of increased hunger around the world and food shortages, which have been blamed on biofuels. Newer materials and methods change the biomass energy pros and cons significantly, because the biomass sources do not come from the food supply but rather from plants and materials that can not be eaten, and that do not use fertile soil. This includes municipal waste or household garbage, algae, fungus, rapeseed, and many other sources.

Biomass energy production has many benefits, and this is undeniable. As long as food crops and land capable of growing these crops are not used, there is no need to worry about fuel and power taking away from food or contributing to world hunger. Some forms of biomass energy production can release carbon and other greenhouse gases, but it is in much smaller amounts than what is released by fossil fuels. Biofuels have proven to be just as effective and efficient as fossil fuels, and they have helped win auto and boat races. Biofuels have also been blended with jet fuel and used during test flights. Biomass energy pros and cons have changed over the years, making this alternative energy source much better currently than it was even five or ten years ago. Using municipal waste has added benefits, because this waste is normally dumped into landfills, further polluting the earth and environment. Using biomass for energy could resolve the world oil dependence while eliminating a lot of the garbage and debris that is currently polluting the earth. This can be done using different methods, but the end result is that waste is being used and not discarded. Fossil fuel reserves in the earth are getting harder and harder to locate and recover, and many times these efforts can cause enormous amounts of damage to the area and wildlife.

One of the biomass energy pros and cons is the reduced need for transportation. This energy can be produced and supplied in the area, so there is no need for large pipelines or other massive infrastructure building. This also eliminates the pollution caused by vehicles transporting the energy source. The biomass energy is produced and used locally, making it much more effective and very cost efficient. This plan would also allow local energy plants to determine which biomass types are available, and which methods would work best and be most efficient in that situation and location. The biomass energy pros and cons should be compared, bu in most cases the advantages offered by this alternative renewable power source greatly outweigh the disadvantages seen. Biomass is widely varied, so there is a great deal of flexibility, and this process can be customized for each location to utilize the most cost effective and efficient method of generating energy. This alternative source of energy may be the answer to the future, one where environmentally friendly renewable power sources are used in place of the harmful fossil fuels that the world is so dependent on today.

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