• Biomass energy sources are much greener than fossil fuel energy sources

  • Biomass energy generation can be accomplished using almost any type of biomass

  • Biomass briquettes are biomass materials compacted and compressed, and these can be burned much like charcoal to generate electricity

Biomass briquettes are used for biomass energy generation, and these briquettes can produce green electricity with none of the disadvantages that using fossil fuels to generate electricity has. Biomass energy sources include all organic matter, including every plant and animal in the world, as well as municipal solid waste. These briquettes are simply compressed biomass material, and it can be used for heat and electricity generation. The electricity produced with the use of these briquettes is very green, with almost no pollution or greenhouse gas emissions. There is no damage to the earth like what occurs when fossil fuels are recovered, with harsh and toxic chemicals used or large pits created and even the tops of mountains removed. All of these methods cause great harm to the environment and the earth, and burning fossil fuels causes significant releases of carbon and other greenhouse gases.

Biomass energy sources will replace large amounts of fossil fuels to meet the energy demands of the future, and briquettes are part of this future. These products can be made from almost any organic material, from weeds and grass to agricultural waste and municipal solid waste. The biomass material is greatly compressed, making a solid brick or disk of biomass that offers a substantial amount of heat. This heat can be used to boil water into steam, and the steam is used at this point to generate the electricity needed by the global population. Electricity is a big need around the world, and this energy form has usually been created by coal or other fossil fuels, but this is no longer true. Briquettes made from compressed biomass can provide a large amount of energy, and they can be produced domestically from any biomass that naturally grows or is present. This means that this alternative and renewable energy source not only produces green electricity but also can be domestically produced in local areas. This can make energy supply and prices much more stable, so there are no large volatile swings like what has been seen previously with oil and other fossil fuel availability and costs.

Biomass briquettes may hold the answer for emerging and developing countries, as well as countries which are more established. In many third world nations biomass such as wood, grass, and other plant matter is used to cook with, the only difference is that the briquettes made from biomass are extremely compressed, so that they will provide a lot more heat and energy than loose biomass materials will. Using these briquettes for green electricity production can help developing nations design and implement an alternative energy policy that is effective, efficient, and is relatively inexpensive. There is no set formula for biomass briquettes to be used as biomass energy sources. Instead the briquettes are made from available biomass, and this will change from area to area. This allows for biomass energy generation that does not require much transportation or purchased materials from a distant location.

Biomass briquettes are one of the most effective and efficient biomass energy generation sources that has been found. They are very low cost, because they use domestic and local resources to their fullest extent. There are few transportation costs or disadvantages, and the energy derived from these biomass energy sources is a clean burning energy that is much better for the earth and the environment. Fossil fuels will run out in the near future, and unless steps are taken to switch to renewable energy sources an energy crisis may occur. This can be prevented by using biomass briquettes for electricity generation instead of other energy sources. Biomass is renewable, and can be replaced as needed without hurting the planet or the inhabitants.

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