There are many different choices available now concerning the sources of energy that we use in our home. Energy can be provided by solar power, wind power, biomass energy, municipal solid waste to energy conversion, and others. The answer to the question how do we use energy in our homes will vary depending on the home and occupants, but there are steps that we can take to lessen or eliminate the need for energy from fossil fuels and harmful sources. Using clean and safe energy sources to power our homes may be the answer to meeting the energy needs of the world in the future. More research must be done on all renewable and eco-friendly sources of energy, and alternative energy sources are an option when it comes to the energy you use in your home.

Renewable Electricity
How do we use energy in our homes today? With all of the news about global warming, pollution, and other harmful environmental effects from certain energy sources, mainly fossil fuels, have we changed the way we use energy? The answer is yes and no. Americans are more aware than ever about the high cost that energy can come with, especially oil and natural gas. This has made many of us look at ways of energy conservation and usage of alternative energy sources that are more friendly to the environment and do not contribute to global warming and pollution. Many appliance manufacturers are using modern technology to produce appliances that are energy conservative. These appliances use much less energy than appliances did even fifteen or twenty years ago. Appliances now come with an energy rating, so that consumers can determine how much energy is used by a specific appliance before it is purchased.

With the high cost of electricity and gas, many of us are trying to conserve energy as much as possible, both to reduce energy use and the harm to the environment and also to save money by cutting energy costs as well. This can be done in many ways, from shutting off lights and appliances to installing systems to take advantage of alternative energy sources like solar power, wind power, and biomass power. There are homes which are built currently that are considered alternative energy use homes. These homes are built to require a minimum of traditional power, and they rely instead on alternative sources of energy for most, if not all, of the energy needed for the home. Alternative energy homes may cost a little more at first, because the alternative energy systems must be purchased and installed, but the long term benefits to your finances and the environment make the additional costs a great deal. These homes may not use any energy from the utility company, and this means that any energy you need is free after the initial purchase and installation costs. Another benefit is that Many Americans can get certain tax credits for installing alternative energy equipment, which greatly offsets the cost of this equipment.

Energy use in homes today can vary, from homes that use all traditional fuels like electricity and natural gas for heating and cooking, to homes that only use alternative energy sources and are the most environmentally friendly and conserve the most energy. Most of us are more conscious about energy conservation, and will make an effort to lower our energy use as well as make the energy types we use more environmentally friendly. Municipal solid waste, or garbage, can also be used as an alternative energy source, which means that the garbage we throw out can end up supplying the electricity we need to light our homes and run our appliances.

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