Another concern for many is the polar ice cap melting. With global warming, which is caused in a large part by burning fossil fuels, the ice cap is melting at an advanced rate. We must end the dependence on fossil fuel before we destroy nature and the earth completely. If drilling for oil, or even exploration for oil, is allowed in the arctic or in any other areas in Alaska, the damage could be irreparable. Oil wells, natural gas drilling, and exploration for oil and other fossil fuels have side effects and produce products that can be extremely harmful to animals, marine life, plants, and also toxic to the earth. Instead of continuing our reliance on fossil fuels, alternative renewable fuel and energy sources, such as biomass energy, solar energy, wind energy, wave energy, and other methods should be used. These energy sources are clean and earth friendly, and they are sustainable and can be used without causing any harmful carbon emissions that contribute to global warming. To prevent any more damage to the arctic ice cap, drilling for oil and natural gas should be prevented in all arctic and Alaskan areas.

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18 Responses to “Oil and Natural Gas Drilling under Arctic Ice Cap”

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    This is why some Democrats have to be kicked out in Nov. In real life they are DINOS! Just like the Republicans who are in the pockets of Special Interest! and don’t care what happens to the Gulf or the people there or anyone else in this country.

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    Personally we need to just leave this oil and natural gas untapped and aggressively pursue new alternatives. We’ve damagaed our world enough burning fossil fuels. It’s time to update how we view the world and energy production.

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