Going green seems to be everywhere these days and it's certainly become a major player in the real estate market. Not only are commercial builders choosing to go green and save money, but residential builders are also choosing to go green and save money. One question that people are asking themselves these days is, "Are green certified homes worth more?" That's a good question to ask and the answer can be found looking at raw data as well as anecdotal evidence that suggests going green not only saves money but makes money. So in answering the question of, "Are green certified homes worth more?" you have to take into consideration public perception. Many times perception of quality and value set the market price. Green investing is at the forefront of everyone's mind so the perceived value is at an all-time high. Since green investing is perceived as a smart investment, it would be safe to conclude that it has driven up the price of green certified homes. You can also look at empirical data to answer the question of are green certified homes worth more. The city of Seattle, Washington tracked the sales of green homes versus non-green homes and found that green homes sold for 37 percent more per square foot over their non-green counterparts. They also sold in 18 percent less time than regular homes. Buying a green certified home can help you save money and make money. Prices and value vary by region so check with a real estate professional in your area.

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    Kelley Wheelis Says:

    I found your blog on Yahoo, I am very excited about this information, I am also very excited about green homes, I will be checking on your blog very soon

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