As with all technology there are the good things and the bad. There are certainly pros and cons of wind energy but the list of pros seem to be outnumbering the cons these days. Wind energy facts are beginning to bear witness to what proponents have said all along about wind energy being a viable option. Below is a list of the top 5 wind energy advantages.

Wind Energy Advantages
1. One of the obvious wind energy advantages is that it is completely environmentally friendly. With the green agenda going full steam ahead solar energy is now coming back into focus as environmentally friendly technologies are at the forefront of everyone's mind. Wind energy emits no greenhouse gases and uses no non-renewable energy sources.

2. Wind is renewable and abundant. Unlike oil, coal, and other items, wind has always been around and it always will be. To properly harness wind and make it into power all a turbine needs are sustained winds of at least ten miles per hour.

3. Wind energy prices have fallen over 80% since the 1980's. While traditional forms of energy are increasing, wind energy is coming more competitive. It is now becoming a viable option for consumers who want to power their homes while protecting the environment.

4. Wind turbines take up less land than traditional power stations. The vertical design of the wind turbines allow for the land below to also be used for farming. Wind turbines only take up a few square meters of space.

5. Another of the wind energy advantages is that it can be used in remote locations that may not be connected to a power grid.

There are certainly pros and cons of wind energy but as technology increases the wind energy facts are showing its usage is going to continue to grow.

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