There are literally dozens and dozens of biofuels being used and researched today. Making biofuel out of different materials has become a major priority for businesses and researchers as a top priority status has been placed on creating and perfecting alternative forms of energy and types of biofuels.

Types Of Biofuels
The most common types of biofuels are called first generation biofuels. First generation biofuels are made from plant sources such as corn. New generation biofuels are currently being researched and are made from non-food sources such as wood, bark, grass, and corn husks. Below is a list of the top 5 types of biofuels.

1. Ethanol
Ethanol fuel is the most commonly used biofuel. It is an alcohol-based fuel made by fermenting sugars derived from food sources such as wheat, corn and sugar cane.

2. Biodiesel
Biodiesel is the most common biofuel used in Europe. It can be used in any diesel engine when mixed with mineral diesel fuel. Making biofuel such as biodiesel involves transesterification of oils and fats from animals and plants.

3. Vegetable oil
Used vegetable oil is now being used to convert to vegetable oil biofuel. Conversion kits can now be purchased to convert a gasoline powered vehicle into a vegetable oil vehicle.

4. Biogas
Biogas is commonly made from cow manure using an anaerobic digester. Landfill gas is an example of a low quality biogas.

5. Solid new generation biofuels
New generation biofuels are now being made from wood, sawdust, wood chips, tree bark, and algae. These sources will likely become major biofuel sources as they do not compete with food crops as first generation biofuels do.

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