Here’s a nice story to help fulfill the solar energy prophecy laid down by Ray Kurzweil and other optimistic futurists. A very modern and generous company called Generaytor out of Tel Aviv has developed a free web-based app to show how much money can be saved and made by installing rooftop solar panels on residential homes.
Generaytor connects people who’ve already made the energy transition and picks their brain on behalf of someone looking to invest for themselves.These matchmaker services are free for both sides. There are no advertisements on Generaytor’s webpage, and the company itself never engages in the sale of solar panels.

According to the article “Solar Energy is cash and sunshine in your pocket” by Robin Blackstone of the Environmental News Network, “Generaytor's concept is simple: Generaytor gathers information about users' roofs, including size, location and solar exposure. It accumulates data from private solar producers region-by-region and offers for free calculation of the solar potential in that location. Users can go to the website, type in their roof's specifications and the app will show them electricity production potential. Generaytor says it's important for them to be objective and they do sometimes tell users not to invest in solar.”

"As sunshine does not cost anything, we think the same should be true for the knowledge around solar energy — it should be for free and easily accessible," said Generaytor CEO and founder Amit Rosner, "This is important, because if we [sold advertisements] we would not be objective, we would lose credibility and miss the whole point of creating a transparent platform where people can make a sound decision in a trustworthy environment."

It is this brand of consumer-driven business model, if any, that will lead to a greener and more efficient global future. The mission and practices of Generaytor should be celebrated and emulated. Everyone stands to gain.


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