When examining the low carbon emissions efforts of the countries around the world, Sweden is one country who stands out in the crowd. Their initiatives have established themselves with lofty and quite achievable goals to be have a fleet that is fossil-fuel independent by the year 2030 and by 2050 they intend to have no net greenhouse effects. But there are challenges that Sweden must face to meet their goals, and given their history so far, it is quite possible they will get there.

One of the main hurtles that Sweden originally faced when making the decision for low carbon emissions, is the fact that much of their economy is based on manufacturing. Their high electricity requirements came from high oil and coal usage, and they knew this had to be changed. This included replacing all nuclear capacity at the end of their lifecycle. Their success was concentrically focused and over what is considered a short period of time, they accomplished their goals. There is, however, more work to be done for Sweden to continue to reduce their carbon footprint.

Additional changes that need to occur in Sweden will include: An alteration of their energy efficient view across the broad span of the entire economy. The addition of a mix of current and future energy efficient technologies. The change-out to a smarter grid that allows for net metering, dynamic choices and data management for cost controls. Establishing a common market for the use of renewable energies and joint ventures for electric vehicles and smart grids. The replacement of their nuclear power plants with sustainable and renewable energy sources to achieve the 2030 goal.

Sweden currently stands as one of the examples of a country that has accomplished what they set out to do and to continue the path of excellence, they must adopt technologies that will make drastic changes for the better for both energy and their economy.

Source: http://www.iea.org/newsroomandevents/pressreleases/2013/february/name,34962,en.html

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3 Responses to “Sweden Leading in Success for Low Carbon”

  1. 1
    Can'tDance Says:

    Any country that not only buys into saving the planet, but jumps in with both feet, are part of my respect circle. It sounds like the Swedish government moved ahead, against all odds, and they are doing better than most of the other countries. Now if we can get the slow moving government engine of the U.S. to sit up and take notice, that would be an accomplishment. Maybe we should invite the Swedes to a lunch or dinner at the White House?

  2. 2
    CrapJustHappens Says:

    Leave it to the Swedish to set the bar really high for low carbon emissions. I am especially impressed because they have so much of their economy in the manufacturing side, and that is notorious for being high polluters. This says a lot of about the people running the government as well as the Swedish people themselves. They are much more visionary than the U.S.

  3. 3
    LaughsAlot Says:

    America should be taking a real hard look at how the Swedes accomplished this. They may be a smaller country, but they have really made big steps towards making their country a better leader in renewable energy than most. They are incredibly forward thinking and my hat is off to them.

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