Royal Dutch Shell company, known to the rest of us as Shell Oil, is one of the world’s largest oil companies. Their eternal pursuit of oil around the world inevitable led them to put their microscope towards arctic drilling for potential oil resources. Public outcry to this last vestige of pristine nature was finally heard, as the oil giant made the decision to cancel their arctic drilling plans.

World renowned ecology organization, Greenpeace, joined a consortium of organizations to bring to the public’s attention the plans that Shell had to exploit the arctic region in their eternal search for oil reserves. The Alaskan area that was the focus is the center of the Arctic ecosystem and drilling for oil in this area would have created an unbalance for the area as well as the communities that have learned to live within the natural order. Shell might be considered one of the better oil companies, but they do have a lengthy list of near-disasters and mishaps associated with their name. No matter what the marketing spin in commercials and television ads, Shell remains an oil company and they finally succumbed to public pressure to abandon their arctic drilling project.

President Obama initially gave a thumbs-up on oil drilling in the area. However, a grass roots public program called #SaveTheArctic contained 2.7 million signatures protesting the drilling in one of our last natural areas. The message was sent loud and clear, and now not only Shell heard the outcry, but it’s time for President Obama to recognize that the general public is not in favor of additional oil drilling, but the tide has turned away from our fossil fuel dependency. We have finally awakened to put pressure on our government officials and corporate fat cats to step up our use of renewable and sustainable energy sources.


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3 Responses to “Shell Finally Gives up on Arctic Drill Plan”

  1. 1
    PieceOfPie Says:

    It’s better late than never on the oil drilling thing. Just don’t know why the oil companies aren’t looking into more alternative energy, and I am not talking coal. That will be the next big break and could bring them a lot more money than just fossil fuels. This could be lucrative, bring jobs into the global market and the best thing for the earth.

  2. 2
    MonotoneMary Says:

    We need to protect our earth and the message is finally getting out loud and clear. Shell keeps pushing, but I am glad to see someone in our government is pushing back. The last thing we need is another disaster like the Gulf oil spill, especially in an area that has been untouched and unharmed by man so far.

  3. 3
    GottaDance Says:

    Good to hear that Shell is going to move on to other paths for energy. It is always disheartening when you hear about a protected area going under the knife of the oil giants. No matter how much they promised and even how hard they might try, the oil drilling takes its toll on the natural order of things and ruins it. This news is refreshing, for everyone.

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