Our electricity dependence must be lowered, and our demand for electricity decreased. This means shutting off lights, unplugging unused appliances, and making our homes more energy efficient and utilizing alternative sources of electricity whenever possible. If every home had one solar panel to collect energy from the sun and convert it to electricity, we could shut down at least a couple coal burning electricity generating power plants. Even this small step would have a large impact on the environment, creating less demand for coal and reducing harmful emissions and greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. If we do not want to eventually learn to live without electricity again, we need to take steps now to lower our electricity dependence, while providing the electricity that we do use in the form of alternative energy sources that are renewable and eco friendly. Otherwise our electricity dependence that relies heavily on fossil fuels may end up being affected by an energy crisis once the fossil fuel supply gets low.

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2 Responses to “Our toxic love affair with electricity”

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    reverse osmosis water filters Says:

    The best mirror is an old friend.

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    David Says:

    Stop and think what it must’ve been like during World War II and the Great Depression when many of our parents and grandparents were growing up and they had to save a watt or shut off all of the lights to keep from attracting attention. They used oil lamps to see during these times. If we do not find a better way to produce electricity in the United States, we could very well find ourselves like our parents and grandparents back then except it will be because there is simply not enough electricity to go around.

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