Did you ever work for a company that seemed like they were running in many directions but had little in the way of intelligent operations? That seems to be the way the global attitudes have been when it comes to clean energy. Many countries, looking into all kinds of alternative energy sources, but no one seems to have a good plan. This is where the International Energy Agency steps in, to assist in studies, research and guidance.

Clean energy is finally taking a front seat on a global scale with an understanding that it is a priority requirement for the continuance of the human race. However, the ideas of renewable and sustainable energy sources have been met with questionable negativity due to high costs and previous low technology solutions. Since the 1970’s, environmentalists and scientists have been warning of the carbon emission impact on the environment, and only a few took them seriously. Now, with the proven data combined with increased health risks, people, companies, governments and countries are finally taking notice.

There is a dichotomy in the search and use for energy. Growing economies that are elevating themselves from poverty are showing an increased demand for energy, while the well established countries have been attempting alternative clean energy sources. The supply and demand ideas may actually be offsetting so that all of the positive steps forward are simply creating a circumstance of standing in place. The IEA is a baseline organization that is helping to keep things in perspective and over guidelines for renewable and sustainable energy ideas and technologies to both sides of the spectrum. The intelligent planning of existing large economies in their clean energy direction can be combined with the replacing the growing economies with truly intelligent clean energy alternatives.

Energy efficiency is and will continue to be the future of bringing power to the world while reducing the carbon footprint.

Source: http://www.iea.org/newsroomandevents/news/2012/november/name,33801,en.html

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3 Responses to “Our Clean Energy Future: Tapping into the Power of Technology”

  1. 1
    MightyFine Says:

    Yeah, I work for a company that this article is describing. They put unqualified people, with no experience and a crazy desire for power in charge and no one is making any good decisions. Really hope that the topic of clean energy is not the same, because in our company, people are quitting every day. Doesn’t do anyone any good if we try to look for alternative energy and there’s no one to take all of the possible bad effects into consideration.

  2. 2
    MakingItThrough Says:

    The IEA seems to have some good information to share, especially for the smaller countries that are just beginning to get progress. These are the countries that stand to benefit the most, because they don’t have anything in place to rip down or redo. They can start fresh, and go in the right direction that will help their country and their people.

  3. 3
    Can'tDance Says:

    Those in charge of alternative energy decisions need to be scrutinized to make sure they don’t have any hidden agendas. They can’t have a relationship with any of the organizations that are bidding and can’t be involved in the political machine, with potential kick backs. Unfortunately, this is how our country runs and the people walk around with blinders on.

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