• Obama's green plan contains a number of steps and changes that are designed to improve the US economy

  • This plan includes billions of dollars to create alternative energy jobs and facilities, as well as a smart grid

  • The creation and funding of green jobs and renewable energy projects that are included in this plan are intended to help the economy recover and prosper

Obama's green plan has high aims, and is full of terrific ideas and programs. This plan has the goal of resurrecting prosperity in the economy of the United States, using a multitude of approaches and tactics. During the presidential election, President Obama was quite popular, and this was due in part to his stance on the environment and his vision of the future of energy in this country. As president, Obama passed the economic recovery plan, and in this plan is a commitment and financing for thousands of jobs in the alternative renewable energy industry. Currently, foreign energy sources and fossil fuels are the most commonly used, and this presents a number of problems. Energy security and supply can be compromised, the price of oil and other fossil fuels are very volatile and unstable, and can go up significantly in a very short period of time. Obama's green plan will change all of this, creating an infrastructure and flexible power grid that allows alternative energy sources to be used much more often, and giving priority to renewable sources which do not cause environmental damage or pollute the earth. This piece of legislation includes funding for many renewable energy projects and jobs to help bring the country closer to ending the dependence on foreign oil, and instead building a renewable domestic supply instead.

At one time America was one of the most prosperous nations in the world, with a thriving economy that was the envy of many others. With both the environmental crisis and the economic crisis that has occurred, this has changed some. Obama's green plan takes steps to reverse this situation, and to create a thriving economy again that prospers and grows. This step is critical for America, and Americans, to get back up and create a better tomorrow. The investment made in the county and people of America by Obama's green plan is evident, with almost two hundred billion dollars included to help make alternative energy sources just as effective and commonly used as fossil fuels like oil, coal, and natural gas. This funding will be used for renewable power projects that are ready to get up and running, without long development and planning times required. These funds will be used for green energy projects and jobs that will benefit the environment and the local community, and meet the ever increasing demands for power. Many areas of the country have air pollution and smog problems, much of these caused by vehicle emissions from gasoline and diesel fuel, and the ozone layer damage from greenhouse gases is changing temperatures and conditions around the globe. These fossil fuels are no longer okay to use in large amounts because of this pollution, and green renewable sources will need to be substituted.

Obama's green plan is a big move towards a better country, a better future, and a better world. The initial investment needed to move away from fossil fuels is a big one, in a large part because these fuels are the main ones used, but this cost is one that will have to be paid eventually. Making the investment now will prevent even more damage to the world and atmosphere, and help the American economy become prosperous once again. A domestic energy supply that uses renewable resources and is friendly to the environment is the best way to improve the economy, while increasing national energy security and stability at the same time. The climate change around the world is no longer disputed, it is a recognized as a fact, and Obama's green plan also takes steps to address this issue, and minimize or eliminate completely the causes of this climate change.

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