A diesel hybrid car is now available, and this has led to much speculation. These vehicles offer all of the benefits of hybrid cars, and qualify for the hybrid car tax rebate. Does this mean the diesel hybrid car is the best option? That depends on a wide variety of factors, including the specific hybrid I choose to purchase. I do not have to buy one of these vehicles, but the research shows that I will probably want to for a number of reasons. These cars can be much more efficient when it comes to using fuel, and they are also very environmentally friendly. An electric battery or hydrogen fuel cell can be used that can take power from the braking system, and these vehicles can be very aerodynamic to help cut wind resistance and increase fuel efficiency even more.

Diesel Hybrid Car
One diesel hybrid car that is being looked at closely is the L1 by Volkswagen. This car is not available commercially yet, so it does not qualify for the hybrid car tax rebate, but it offers all of the other benefits of hybrid cars. This car can go over one hundred and seventy miles on one gallon of fuel, and is expected to be sold to the public around the year 2013. There are also other diesel hybrid car varieties that are available or will be in the coming years, and this technology may be the answer for the future of automobiles. Although I may not be required to buy one, if I can find a car that is environmentally friendly and can get this kind of mileage I may be one of the first to decide on making the purchase.

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