If you want to know how to prevent global warming, plant flowers, shrubs, and trees. Every time you plant something you are helping the environment. Plants and trees clean pollution and greenhouse gases from the air, so they are nature's own air filter. Planting plants and trees can help make the world a better place, and slow down global warming.

How to Prevent Global Warming

  • Knowing How to Prevent Global Warming can help you lessen your impact on the earth

  • There are many steps you can take that will lessen the global warming problem

  • Global warming impacts do not have to be always negative

Knowing how to prevent global warming can help you address the global warming problems that the earth and everyone on it faces right now. You can change your global warming impacts from negative to positive by changing a few things in your lifestyle and by taking a few steps to conserve energy. It is not to late to stop global warming, or at least significantly slow it down, and prevent the problem from becoming worse. There are a number things that you can do which will have a big impact on global warming, pollution, and the environment.

One way to tackle the global warming problem is to be conservative about energy. Conserving energy means less energy needs to be created, so there is less harmful emissions and fossil fuel use. You can change your traditional incandescent light bulbs with either fluorescent lights or with the new energy star or energy efficient light bulbs. These lights last longer, so you not only will save energy and prevent global warming but you will have to buy and replace these lights less often. Your home temperature is another area where you can conserve energy. Try turning up the thermostat in the summer and down in the winter. Even a few degrees difference will make a big difference in both the energy used and the size of your energy bill.

You can lessen your negative global warming impacts by eating food that is grown in your area, instead of choosing foods that have been shipped halfway around the world. Food transportation is a major cause of air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, so using foods which require less transportation helps the environment and the global warming problem.

Your transportation is one way you can learn how to prevent global warming. Instead of driving, try using public transportation like a city bus or the subway. If this is not a possibility, carpool so there are fewer vehicles on the road. Buy a fuel efficient hybrid, one which runs at least partly on alternative fuels and energy sources. A hybrid vehicle can have a big global warming impact. Buy a bicycle, and use it. If you only need to go a mile or two, ride your bike whenever possible, to prevent any air pollution and greenhouse gases which contribute to global warming.

Replace all your home appliances with energy efficient appliances, and weatherize your home. Insulation can make your home much more energy efficient, which will lower your monthly heating and electricity bills and greatly lower your energy consumption at the same time. Use renewable sources of energy when possible. Solar power systems can help power your home in an eco friendly way, so that you use less electricity when the sun is out or the cells have energy stored.
Recycling can help with the global warming problem. Every item you recycle can save natural resources. By sorting your garbage and recycling all materials that can be reused, you can eliminate at least half of your garbage. This not only helps stop global warming bu it also save land in the landfills as well. It is not too late to prevent global warming, if you take steps now. Every step you take can have a positive global warming impact, instead of having a negative impact on the earth and the environment.

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    Global warming is caused by carbon emitted into atmosphere. Carbon emission is major cause of global warming. Try to share vehicles or use public transports. When you buy a car,choose more fuel efficient car. Air pollution causes more carbon dioxide gas which affects the ozone layer.

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    I think this is what we need to do, but also i was thinking about solar power, like how we have solar power heating, why not solar pwer for electricity, i know that it will prevent all this. I am waiting for this day to come when the world is peaceful and also healthy 😀

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