The school systems in the U.S. have been promoting a green footprint for over fifteen years. It may have started out talking to kids about recycling programs in their homes, but over the years the focus on reducing pollution and waste has taken a position at the front of the class. If you are looking to begin a program at your school, here are some excellent ideas to start out with.

Reduce the plastic bottle glut: Start encouraging the use of reusable, personal water containers. It is said that the quantity of plastic water bottles used each year could circle the earth three times. Plastic is an oil byproduct and this can help in a great way.

Replace Styrofoam with mugs and cups: Styrofoam is one of the products that is almost impossible to recycle. It is costly and requires specific types of recycle centers, of which there are only a few. Get rid of those horrible Styrofoam cups and containers and use ceramic.

Use material eco bags instead of plastic bags: Plastic bags are all around us and although easier to use, they contribute to the CO2 emissions. Using eco bags will help your school have a green footprint and can be really useful if they have the school name and logo.

Paper waste: Schools, like businesses are notorious for the use of a lot of paper. Make sure you recycle the paper so that it can be used again when needed. Another way to use less paper is to encourage online use as opposed to printing everything. As we replace standard phones with smartphones, kids will be able to download using mobile apps.

Lunchtime savers: Bring your lunch in reusuable containers as well as lunchboxes. This will save on excess trash, waste and plastic.


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3 Responses to “How to Create a Greener Footprint in Your School”

  1. 1
    No1Mom Says:

    We have had our kids taking their lunch in containers and lunchboxes for years. It is a training process, because they have to remember to bring things back home and wash them out. Our house is like a recycle factory and all of the kid’s friends know they can’t just throw something in the trash can. Each item is placed in the appropriate container and the kids chores include taking the recycling out. This is part of our lives and it isn’t that hard to do.

  2. 2
    KeepItStraight Says:

    I have worked with the school system to get rid of anything that is Styrofoam as well as reuse that packaging for other shipping and project needs. Due to hygiene concerns, it is a bit more of a challenge to try to stop using plastic water bottles, but the school printed a bunch of them up to promote the football team and now everyone uses them. It is kind of a sign of support and pride.

  3. 3
    BeinGood Says:

    A few years ago our school got a bunch of those ecologically supporting material bags in canvas. They became so popular, that they had to continue to issue them every year. Now they have some local companies that are helping to support them as sponsors and we all carry them to the grocery store and in the school.

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