If you live in or near a coastal area in, say, Florida, then you have probably wondered more than once about how to be prepared for a hurricane. Here are the 7 things you absolutely must do in order to be prepared at all times.

How To Be Prepared For A Hurricane – 7 Important Steps
Making an Emergency Kit. There may not be much you can do during the hurricane itself, but this is very handy after the storm. This box should contain fresh water, first aid items, matches, candles, snacks, a radio with batteries, and various medications. During the storm you may not have power, water, or a phone connection.

Always Have Supplies. The next thing you should do in how to be prepared for a hurricane is to have a regular supply of water and food in the house. If there is any kind of storm warning, fill up buckets, bathtubs, and sinks full of water, since you may need this water after the storm. Stock up on canned food, which you may need after the hurricane as well.

Protect Your Windows. This is a great answer to the question 'how do people prepare for hurricanes'. They get permanent shutters on their windows. Plywood panels would be a lower-cost approach to this. Weak or dead branches from trees outside your window should be trimmed to avoid further damage.

Know Your Area. The next answer to our question 'how do people prepare for hurricanes' is knowing the emergency routes of the town/city you live in. If your town issues an evacuation, you must take it seriously, and get out as fast as you can. Knowing the fastest, most efficient ways out of town will certainly help.

Make Arrangements for Your Pets. You should contact your local humane society to see where the nearest animal shelter is, because your pets may not be allowed to enter emergency shelters, which is usually for space and health reasons.

Develop an Emergency Communication Plan. If you are separated from your family members during a hurricane, then you should have a plan ready about how you will meet up again (as phones may not work after a storm). Another possibility is to have a relative in another town as a “family contact”, so that they can be called after the storm by everyone in the family.

Create a Box of Importance. If a situation arises where you must flee your home immediately after a hurricane warning has been issued, an importance box is very handy. This is sometimes referred to as a 'fire box' as well. What you put in this box is up to you, but it should be things that are most valuable to you. It's best to have this pre-planned, so you don't have to rummage through piles of stuff in a panic when disaster actually strikes.

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