Who is the organic trade association, and what does this organization do? This is a business association which has the mission to increase the organic trade option which is available to businesses. The organic trade association involves the environmental defense fund, and the purpose of this group is to promote green commerce and protect the environment in a way which benefits everyone. This is a membership based association, and the aim is to promote options and products which are a better choice. The group was started in the year 1985 and was first known as the Organic Foods Production Association of North America. These products are becoming more popular as more people understand the benefits of these environmentally friendly and certified foods and products. This group watches all aspects of the organic sector, and monitors legislation and government actions in this sector.

Organic Trade Association
The organic trade association also helps keep the public informed about products and options through press releases, news stories, and facts and information that is released. This organization helps keep these foods and products safe and high quality, by promoting specific standards and labeling requirements to let consumers know the origins and methods used. This gives assurance that when a product or food is labeled organic it has meet strict standards and meets the qualifications according to the organic trade association. The OTA also represents members and this sector to the governments, regulators, officials who are elected, and even international agencies and entities. Having an organic trade option available means successful and profitable businesses which do not cause environmental harm or pollution.

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