What is gasohol? This is a blend of fuels, and it contains around ten percent ethanol to ninety percent gasoline. Gasohol is considered one of the automotive alternative fuels, but it is not one of the best because it still contains a high amount of traditional gasoline, with all the disadvantages that this includes. It does meet the alternative fuels definition, because it does contain ten percent ethanol. There are many benefits that can be had from using this fuel instead of straight gasoline, and one of these is that it is cheaper, although not by a large amount. Using even ten percent of a greener option means less damage to the earth and the environment, because this means fewer fossil fuels that need to be recovered and less damage is done in the process. Gasohol gives a higher performance than gasoline, because it has a higher octane rating and more power. This is also one of the automotive alternative fuels which works well in colder climates, because the ethanol prevents the gasoline from freezing in the vehicle. The alternative fuels definition lists these fuels as ones which are not conventional, and this means that gasohol meets this criteria because it contains ten percent ethanol. When you burn this fuel your vehicle engine will stay much cleaner, with less build up and deposits that cause problems and poor performance. Another benefit is that the ethanol added to the fuel can be domestically produced, reducing the dependence on foreign oil and other fossil fuels.

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