Many of us have been doing any research and are trying to go green by adding solar energy to either home and or office. This may be your first venture into the solar energy topic or like me, you may have been investigating it as a viable alternative for over twenty five years. While much has changed in the last few decades, there are some solar energy cons that you must take into consideration.

Twenty five years ago it was going to cost almost $10,000 to add solar energy to our little 865 square foot cottage home in Southern California. We not only couldn't afford it at that time, but, we would have had to have the entire internal electrical infrastructure overhauled. Prices have indeed come down since that time, but the cost is still a major hurtle to overcome. The average cost of a single solar cell is around one thousand dollars. Depending upon the size of your home or office, you will need multiple solar cells. Our neighbors recently installed solar heating for their swimming pool only and needed two solar cells. If you are trying to do a comparison of the tax credit that might be available, do your homework. There are regulations and guidelines that must be adhered to for acceptance by the IRS.

Day Work Only:
Solar cells are collecting the solar energy only during the daylight hours. This equates to fifty percent functionality and energy generation. During the night time, the solar cells cannot access the light needed to function. Some have suggested that in order to compensate, you will have to double the amount of solar cells needed for the square footage of your home or business. This will increase the base cost considerably. There are some alternatives that involve investing in an energy storage unit. This again, involves a higher dollar investment.

Stormy Weather = no solar energy
If you live in a mostly sunny state, you are one of the lucky people. However, a majority of the population has a lack of consistently sunny weather. Bad weather, of any sort, can affect the efficiency of the solar cells lowering the daily energy that can be collected.

Anyone that lives or does business in a city environment must understand that pollution can affect the solar cells ability to collect and convert energy.

Solar cells take up a lot of space. The more solar cells that you need, the more your home or office has a roof that appears to BE a solar cell. In addition, if your rooftop is not at the best angle, the efficiency of the solar collection will be lowered.

Solar energy collection needs as much direct contact with the sunlight as possible. If you love your trees, you may be horrified to know that some of them may have to be trimmed back or taken down entirely.

Roof Condition:
Besides just the pitch and angle of the roof, you must also take into consideration the overall roof condition. If you are in need of a new roof, it may not be in good enough condition to add the solar cell panels.

Overall, the solar energy cons do not outweigh the pros; but you do need to take everything into consideration before you make the investment.

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