There are many advantages of wave energy, and the capture tidal and wave energy is currently being done in a number of places around the world. One of the wave energy advantages is that this source is completely renewable and sustainable, because the waves are a natural process that will occur without any help from mankind. The waves will continue as long as the oceans do, so they are a power source that can be depended on. Predictability is another of the advantages of wave energy. The waves flow in a predictable motion, unlike the sun or wind which can be converted into electricity but does not occur in a predictable pattern. This is important because if the power is not supplied continuously this can lead to shortages at times when it is needed most. Tidal and wave energy power plants can have high initial costs, but wave energy advantages include the fact that once these farms or plants are built they have very low costs involved. There are other advantages of wave energy as well. Land is not used, because the converter devices are placed in the ocean. There are no pollution or greenhouse gas emissions involved, which is not true with coal plants or other fossil fuel types. The ocean has a vast store of power in it, and harnessing this power could provide electricity to everyone on the planet, with plenty left over. It is a clean and environmentally friendly alternative energy source, and it does not cause damage to the earth.

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    Harmony Says:

    Check out this new video I saw on You Tube. its a Reciprocating water displacement gravity engine and it runs on water. the guy has it in a boat right now but you can use it on land, or with the tide and waves. its kind of a crude model but the point is made, its really cool.

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