In the last ten to fifteen years, the politics of renewable and sustainable energy has achieved many ebbs and flows. Conservatives refuse to accept the fact that humans are damaging the environment and comply with the requests of their big oil contributors. As each progressive Democratic President comes into power, more attention is then placed back onto the fact that we are polluting and the earth simply can’t digest the damage. President Obama has developed one of the highest level plans in moving forward with solar energy, beginning with six of the southwestern states.

The all-of-the-above strategy for energy plan involves President Obama’s encouragement of the partnership between the Department of Energy and the Department of the Interior. They are publishing the PEIS (Final Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement) which will involve the development of solar energy in six of the southwestern states: Colorado, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada and Utah. The PEIS will represent permitting utility-scale solar energy efforts on public lands in these states. While you might not realize the impact that this is making, consider the fact that when President Obama became the President there were no solar projects allowed on public lands since 2009. Since taking office, the Department of Interior has seventeen utility-scale solar energy projects approved that, when completed, will bring 5,900 mw of energy, which is enough energy for around 1.8 million homes in America.

Additional measures such as the solar energy project are being taking to enhance other renewable energy sources such as wind, and these efforts have doubled since President Obama took office. The PEIS plan is acting as a kind of roadmap for renewable energy development by establishing specific solar energy zones and making it available for access to existing and planned transmission. The plan is to offer comprehensive analysis that will bring quicker and better permitting for large scale renewable energy projects with the fewest resource conflicts and incentives for those that make use of development within the established zones.


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3 Responses to “The Solar Energy Roadmap of 6 Southwestern States”

  1. 1
    Metamorphosis Says:

    The conservatives can go kicking and screaming all that they want, but they can’t stop the progress that President Obama has started. Solar energy is one of the best methods to use and especially in the states that have so much sun. Sadly, it won’t be popular until the people themselves can get a break in the price. Then it will take off like a rocket.

  2. 2
    CanadaWay Says:

    Renewable and sustainable energy is the way we must all be thinking. Canada doesn’t have a lot of sunny areas, but even our country can use solar energy to the best of its ability. I can’t see why countries aren’t jumping in with both feet. These are ideas for new jobs, new technologies and will help the planet.

  3. 3
    BestToCome Says:

    Obama has an uphill battle to fight. The ones that are fighting him are the ones that are linked in with the oil companies. Too much money in that dark rich oil and that money buys political clout. What we need is for everyone who wants to see the world saved to get together for even bigger power. Greenpeace has tried and a lot of other organizations, but we need to band together.

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