• Renewable electricity production is an environmentally friendly alternative to electricity that is produced using fossil fuels

  • Renewable energy electricity is the answer to meeting future energy needs without depleting fossil fuels and damaging the earth

  • Renewable electricity generation can be a safe and inexpensive alternative to electricity generation using nonrenewable sources

Renewable electricity production is an important part of the future of energy. There are a number of renewable energy electricity technologies available that can help end the dependence on coal and fossil fuels without causing harm to the environment or contributing to carbon emissions and air pollution. Renewable electricity generation can occur from solar power, wind power, wave and tidal power, bioenergy, hydro power, hydrogen and fuel cells, and others.

Renewable Electricity Production
One method of renewable energy production that is hotly debated is nuclear energy, because of the dangers and risks that are involved with this energy technology. Some critics contend that nuclear energy is not an option and not a true renewable energy source. All other methods used for renewable electricity production are considered safe and come from natural sources of energy. Solar renewable energy electricity takes the heat and energy received from the sunlight and converts this into electricity. The disadvantage to solar electricity is that the sun is not strong enough at times, and there are long stretches, like winter and night time, when the sun is not out at all. Solar power systems used to require batteries to store the energy collected until it was needed, but new systems can be tied right into the utility grid to eliminate the need for costly storage containers and systems. This allows you to use renewable electricity when it is available, and to use electricity from the utility grid if solar or wind energy is not available for use at the time.

Renewable electricity generation can be done using wind energy. Wind power uses windmills and wind generators to convert the energy from the wind into electricity. For a windmill to be effective it must be placed in an area with high winds most of the time. This does not include a large area of the world, and wind power is also sporadic like solar power is. Wind can create renewable energy electricity, but it is not a steady stream large enough to meet demand without other methods being used in most areas.

Renewable electricity production can use wave and tidal energy to produce the electricity needed. With this method, the power of the ocean waves and tides are used to turn underwater turbine. As the energy from the water is transferred to the turbine, it generates renewable electricity. The tidal flows and wave action never stop, making them the perfect choice for renewable electricity generation. Hydro power is another way that water can be used to produce renewable electricity. This technology uses dams and forces the flow of water over generators to produce electricity.

Renewable energy electricity can be generated using biomass energy as well as other energy types. Biomass energy uses biomass, which is organic matter, to generate electricity. This energy source is renewable because plants and other organic matter can be grown continuously. Fuel cells and hydrogen are another renewable electricity production choice that can be used to replace fossil fuels. Electric vehicles can use this technology to replace gasoline and diesel fuel. Renewable energy electricity does not have to be complex or extravagantly expensive, many times using these renewable energy sources can actual lower the costs of the electricity. The financial cost is not the only aspect either, the cost to the earth and the environment also need to be considered as well. With global warming increasing and air pollution causing a number of medical conditions to start or worsen, renewable energy electricity is the key to meeting the energy needs of the future. It may require more than one renewable energy source being used in combination, because renewable electricity production can be utilized from many different sources to meet the needs.

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