Syngas is a synthetic gas that is more environmentally friendly than fossil fuels. These gases burn cleaner and have much fewer harmful emissions than greenhouse gases and particulates. Syngas has the ability to replace natural gas and to provide basic building blocks for all the chemicals and products the petrochemical industry generates currently. Syngas is just one of the many alternative renewable energy sources that are being looked at with regard to many of the energy and fossil fuel issues of today. This fuel burns much cleaner and reduces air pollution, it is renewable and does not depend on fossil fuels, and Syngas may be one of the alternative energy sources that will end U.S. dependence on foreign oil and other resources. Syngas can be produced domestically and the production of plants to produce these alternative energy sources would help local economies. They would generate jobs, revenue, and growth for the areas where the plants are built. By providing cleaner, more efficient energy sources, Syngas can be one component in a combination of energy sources that cause fossil fuels like oil and natural gas to become obsolete.

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