Is there any problems with a solar hybrid car, and why aren't these vehicles currently available on the market? Solar powered vehicles do offer some of the advantages of hybrid cars, but they fall short in a hybrid cars comparison because of their limitations. A solar hybrid car is not as efficient and effective as many of the other options, because there are many things that can interfere with rays of the sun. Cloud cover, bad weather, and other factors can prevent photovaltic panels from generating any energy, and this would turn the hybrid into a traditional fossil fuel vehicle in most cases. Unlike other technologies and alternative energy sources that are available in hybrids, solar power is not predictable or continuous. Some of the advantages of hybrid cars can be found in a solar hybrid car. When the sun is shining these vehicles may be very effective and efficient, requiring little or no gas or diesel to travel. If there is no sun, the vehicle will not work as effectively, and this has been shown in many hybrid cars comparison charts. As solar power technology advances this may not always be true though. There have been prototypes of cars that operated solely on solar energy, but these are a long way from the consumer market. Right now there are better and more effective hybrids out there that do not have the same disadvantages that solar energy does, and these are a better choice until some of the problems with solar powered vehicles are ironed out.

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