Singapore is destined to become one of the eco-destinations of the world. Their latest innovative project is part of a redevelopment plan of the downtown Marina Bay area. The “Gardens by the Bay” is one of the finest examples of blending Eastern beauty with a well-defined balance of renewable energy. The addition of the solar powered ‘supertrees’ are more than just an energy source, but function on multiple levels of use.

250 acres have been set aside in the ‘Gardens by the Bay’ project as an enhancement and an attraction for this downtown Singapore area. The plan includes a variety of fauna and flora from around the world and will be host to the latest renewable energy supertrees. The ‘trees’ vary in height in the same way that a natural forest would; from 25 to 50 meters high, they are a man-made forest. Eighteen of the supertrees will be part of the vertical gardens, performing not only as solar power generators, but also acting as ducts for air ventilation for the conservatories nearby as well as rainwater collection. Eleven of these supertrees are outfitted with solar photovoltaic systems, converting sunlight into needed energy. The energy provides light and assists with the water technology needs. But the trees are not just functional, they are also incredibly beautiful. The project managers have designed additions to the trees to include various ferns and tropical flowers to climb and wind through the steel framework. They provide a network of canopies that act as a natural temperature moderator as well as perform heat absorbing and dispersing abilities. Visitors will use the canopies as shelter to cool themselves during the hot Singapore climate.

He overall plan of the gardens was to create a balanced ecosystem, offering renewable energy and to have the garden area become the pride of Singapore. Connecting bridges, called ‘skywalks’ have been added to link the fifty meter supertrees, allowing visitors to leisurely stroll between the trees and have a breathe taking garden view. The conservatories have been called a horticultural heaven, with names such as the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest. Each of the biomes is climate-controlled and the inspiration came from the shape of the orchid flower. The biomes themselves are about the size of four football fields and will house 220,000 plants from around the globe. An additional eco-feature is the Flower Dome sustainable feature, where waste from the horticulture feeds and runs a huge steam turbine. This will generate on-site electricity that will assist in maintaining the biome cool temperatures.

The supertrees and biomes are just part of this award winning landscape project. The plans for other areas will including honoring a variety of their country’s ethnic cultures. Visitors from around the world will be able to enjoy one of the world’s finest examples of a well-planned tribute to the people and style of their country. Singapore has indeed set the bar high on a global scale and the Gardens by the Bay will be the benchmark for other eco-destinations.


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