Biomass energy investments, including biodiesel and ethanol investments, offer a terrific opportunity as long as caution is used. Do not invest simply because a company or stock is in the biomass energy sector. Do your homework, and locate the high quality biorefinery companies that are solid and stable. These are the companies who are going to come out ahead when biomass energy starts being used on a wide scale. Look for biorefinery investments where the company is already using the technology, not just developing ideas. Many ideas can be developed, but until one becomes used the company should not be considered a sound investment. Some alternative energy opportunities do not have a long history, and this does not necessarily mean a bad thing. Look at the history length but also performance, the number of biorefinery plants in operation or scheduled to be built shortly, and other factors that may show more important data. Relying solely on the length a stock has been traded will cause you to miss some good ethanol investment opportunities. The location of the biorefinery plants is also important, because a plant in Alaska that uses corn means very high transportation costs, both in terms of finances and in terms of pollution caused by the transportation process.

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    I have been interested in Diesels from the time I first heard about it. I want to know more details of it like the raw materials required, starting investments and the returns expected. Can someone help?

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    Montana Flyn Says:

    Rudolph Diesel ran his invention on peanut oil at the worlds fair, however any vegetable based oil would work. The main reason we switched to fossil fuel was it was already there and ready to use. You did not have to grow it. Once the world realized the effects of that decision we will have a multi-trillion dollar infrastructure built up around the use of fossil fuels and their transportation, it is hard to walk away from that kind of investment.

    What we need that is lacking is aggressive financer’s looking to fund the innovation and large scale production that would really propel alternatives into the market place. Their are a few companies but the one that looks like it is going the furthest is Discount Capital Corp.

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    Arvid Says:

    You made a comment in this article about the first biofuel being peanut oil. What I could never understand is why we never pursued this line of the energy production in the first place and how we got started with fossil fuels. Can anyone explain that?

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