There are a surprising number of companies cropping up all over the world that are taking advantage of reclaimed wood. A reclaimed wood product is finding incredible popularity becauseit is not taken from a living tree and therefore no forests are harmed in the process.
Reclaimed is one of the ecology hot key terms these days. Reclaiming, in its simplest explanation means reusing. There are specific certifications that are required; however it’s not a norm as a requirement in the decorative wood industry. Reclaiming wood can come from a number of sources: existing homes or buildings as well as fallen trees in the forests and even floating logs in lakes and rivers. Artists that specialize in wood working are now seeking out companies that offer reclaimed wood and home builders looking to keep their new house ecologically balanced are using reclaimed wood for both structural supports as well as internal esthetics.Reclaimed wood that has been previously used in construction will often have a used look. Some areas may appear where nails were hammered into the wood; some may have remnants of glue. A more worn or used look has become popular for its esthetics.

There are companies around the world that are reclaiming wood that simply did not continue to grow due to natural and man made situations or disasters. These can include floods, storms, droughts and even acid rain. The wood is completely usable, just not continuing in its growth.There are newer companies that are taking the concept of reclaimed wood to another level. These companies are locating viable wood that is in swamps and tropical areas where an overabundance has fallen.You might be surprised at some of the locations that have reclaimed wood. The distressed look has become popular for wood floors and ceilings as well as wall linings in many restaurants and standard places of business. A number of companies specialize in using reclaimed wood for a variety of furniture styles as well as counter tops. The appeal for a more antique appearance may have become somewhat in vogue, but the use of the wood is a good method of recycling or reuse.
It doesn’t take a stretch of the imagination to assume that the concept of supply-and-demand has also created less than reputable companies. These companies will often take newer wood, create a distressed or antique appearance and make an attempt to sell the product(s) as reclaimed wood. If you are looking for reclaimed wood or products made of reclaimed wood, be sure to research the company that you are buying from.

There is only one main downside when using reclaimed wood that has been taken from previous or older building structures. The drawback is that the wood may have been chemically treated as well as contain embedded nails. The nails make the wood more difficult to plane but the chemical treating can contain toxins. Reliable reclaimed wood companies will have a complete source list of where their wood came from, the approximate year the structure was built and should disclose any chemical treatments in structures of that age.

Reclaimed wood has surpassed what is called a resurgence and is now a part of the global recycling and reusing function of our daily lives; offering the beauty of nature without the destruction of forests.

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