Really? End of the World?

Dec 21


The human psyche never seems to stop amazing us. While we have an incredible capacity for knowledge, logic and learning, there is another side that has historically sought the conclusion of the human race. In the last few years, the supposed prediction of the Mayan Calendar for a December 21st end-of-times has been catapulted to international scales. From China to Colorado, people have been watching, listening and commenting on the Mayan Calendar theories. The end-of-the-world believers seem to cover the gamut: from religious believers of Armageddon to doomsday preppers on the survivalists side. The media seems to have stirred the topic into a frenzy with the release of movies and television shows, taking advantage of the emotional ‘buy-in’ that people seem to lean towards. A Mayan elder explains the rationale view of calendar creation and the second video brings a more tongue-in-cheek aspect to the hysteria. Whether you are stocking food in your bomb shelter or just shaking your head at the strange situation of this end of the world concept, both videos are well worth viewing.


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