PROS and CONS: Smart Cars

Oct 27

The pros and cons of smart cars have been hotly debated, with some asking the question "are smart cars worth it?" while others point to facts about smart cars to show why they are ideal. No matter which side of the debate you fall on, there are some benefits and disadvantages involved and both sides have legitimate points and issues. The pros and cons of smart cars will outline both the benefits and the drawbacks, and then you will have to decide as an individual whether these vehicles and this technology is the right choice for you and your transportation needs. Facts about smart cars show that they do get excellent gas mileage, far better than many other vehicle types. These vehicles can be parked in extremely small areas with very little space, and they use very little gas compared to traditional cars. The environmental benefits should be included in the pros and cons of smart cars as well, because these vehicles do not pollute much and have a very small carbon footprint. The pros and cons of smart cars also needs to include the disadvantages of these vehicles as well. A smart car is very small, with only room for two passengers and almost no cargo. For some people this would cause the answer to are smart cars worth it a big no, especially for large families. These vehicles are limited in the distance they can travel as well, so you can not take long road trips. Another factor that needs to be considered in the pros and cons of smart cars is the safety factor. Right now if you drive a smart car you are at an increased risk in a crash, because the majority of vehicles on the road are larger traditional vehicles.

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