Rion greenhouses offer many benefits, and when the pros and cons of these types of greenhouses are compared the benefits definitely outweigh the drawbacks. Platic greenhouses in general will usually weigh less, and this is true of Rion greenhouses as well, but in addition to a light weight they also offer strength which is far superior than most of the plastic materials out there. More than half of a ton can be supported by Rion greenhouses, so they can be ideal for the northern climates as well as the southern areas because a big snowfall does not pose a problem. Plastic greenhouses can offer light exposure similar to glass, and there is superior light diffusion so plants grow better. These types of greenhouses are usually considered temporary structures rather than permanently placed greenhouses.

Rion Greenhouses
Rion greenhouses can withstand winds that reach eight miles an hour, with insulation that is much better than the typical plastic greenhouses, yet the price is very reasonable and affordable for most budgets. The headroom offered is more spacious than most other types of greenhouses, and expansion is possible in the future if the need occurs. The doors of the structure can be secured, and a warranty which lasts for years just shows the commitment to quality that is apparent with Rion greenhouses. These buildings are very easy and simple to assemble and install, and there are not any tools required for these processes. The heavy resins used to create these unique plastic greenhouses makes them incredibly strong and durable, and well worth the cost for plant growers anywhere. These buildings really do not have any drawbacks at all, unless the fact that they are created from plastic is considered because many believe that plastic is not as good as glass. The newer types of greenhouses like Rion greenhouses just shows this is not true though.

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