Countries around the world are putting some rather heavy resources into making radical changes to become carbon neutral. This is no longer considered a visionary or futuristic concept, but one that needs to be done in an immediate mode now. Nordic Energy Reseach is collaborating with IEA to develop a long and short term goal of carbon neutral status by the year 2050.

The Nordic countries of Iceland, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Sweden are poised to make the transition from high energy to low-carbon energy systems. The Nordic Energy Technology Perspectives project, Nordic Energy Reseach, is a complete plan that offers the decision makers the data that they need to assess the roles of the member regions and offer alternatives to give them the opportunity to become carbon neutral. The Nordic countries have a strong economic position and are rich in renewable sources of energy. Putting changes into place for the alteration of infrastructure and the building and adaptation to renewable energy won’t be an easy move, but it could position the Nordic region to be the first in the world to successfully achieve an energy system that is completely carbon neutral.

Nordic Energy Research is actually an inter-governmental organization that works with, coordinates and supports sustainable energy research within their regions. There are around twenty five million people in the region and they are demonstrating some of the world’s strongest GDP economies, per capita. The time to act is now, with a combination of economic strength and excellence in planning for the future. Armed with the data and strategies, the Nordic region could be poised to make the kind of changes that can set them apart and become a benchmark of alternative energy on a global basis.


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3 Responses to “Nordic Energy Research Collaborates on 2050 Carbon Neutral Path”

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    KindOfADrag Says:

    Why isn’t the U.S. doing this kind of investment? It seems there is a lot of talk and companies are having meetings, but not too much in the way of actualization. We have become such a slow adopter when we should be a ‘first adopter’ and set the kind of examples that these countries are doing.

  2. 2
    PossibleProbability Says:

    What a great example of forward thinking. These are all really small countries, but even with the rest of the world in bad economic times, they have managed to keep their countries thriving. Really impressed with the next phase of thinking. I guess they know that oil dependency is a thing of the past and absolute pollution will be the downfall for us all.

  3. 3
    CreativeEnergy Says:

    It’s always refreshing to hear about countries like the Sweden, et al that are thinking beyond the immediate profit margins. Investment into renewable as well as sustainable energies is the direction that a lot of countries (including China) are realizing. The Western world doesn’t seem to have that imagination or vision. We are so set in our ways for short term dollars, that we will end up missing the boat. Think of a future in our country, where we will be importing renewable energy from other countries. They are planning and building these kinds of smart grids and the key word here is ‘smart’.

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