The Pelamis Wave Energy Converter is a name well known in ocean wave energy conversion techniques. This device captures tidal and wave energy and changes it into electricity. Pelamis was one of the first to come up with this type of device and it is highly effective, and the company is a leader when it comes to this technology. The first wave farm built includes the Pelamis Wave Energy Converter, and this farm started in 2006 near the Portugal coast. Unlike many converters of this type, the Pelamis model is designed so that it can stand up to heavy seas and very rough weather. This is an important consideration because during storms at sea many other wave devices would be damaged or destroyed, but this is not true with the Pelamis models. The Pelamis Wave Energy Converter is a leader when it comes to this technology and alternative power source, and the company has made big advances in ocean wave energy conversion methods and devices. Tidal and wave energy has a lot of potential, and Pelamis is the company that has had the most success into tapping this potential. When the conversations turn to wave power one of the first names that come to mind is Pelamis, because this company is a leader and innovator in this sector. The devices made by this company are versatile and flexible, so that they can capture the wave power but still survive and keep operating intact even through the worst of the storms and rough seas on the ocean.

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