Alternative energy at the University of Virginia is big news. This college has made a big investment in sustainable energy on campus. Four teams of students at the school have been chosen to receive seed grants worth $30,000 for projects relating to alternative energy sources and renewable energy sources. The grants were given to increase research in ways to use alternative energy at the University of Virginia.

Alternative Energy At The University Of Virginia
One of the four teams is looking at alternative energy sources relating to algae biofuels. This project involves algae, which can create a biofuel that is far more effective than corn ethanol. Another of the projects in renewable energy sources that received a grant from the University of Virginia involves technology for smart buildings. These structures will be able to determine how much heat or cooling to produce dependent on how many people are actually in the building. This could help save a great deal of energy and money on energy costs.

Alternative energy at the University of Virginia has taken big steps forward, and the grants given to these projects by the university can help find sustainable energy sources for the future that do not involve fossil fuels, environmental damage or pollution, or high power costs. The seed grants offered will go a long way toward keeping these research projects open, and will make it easy for these research teams to qualify for federal grants and funds.

The University of Virginia is making an investment in the clean energy needs of the future. This is an investment that may pay off significantly, not just for the college but also for the entire global population.

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