It is possible to make your own wood pellets, and these can be used in a wood pellet furnace or in biomass burners. To make your own wood pellets there are two parts of the process, and two types of equipment or materials needed. You will need the raw materials that will be used to make the wood pellets and you will need the specialized pellet mill. This piece of equipment can either be made or it can be purchased. The raw material is always some type of biomass, whether it is wood of any type or sawdust, grains, various parts of corn plants, and many other sources. If wood is not the material used then a binder may need to be added to hold the pellet together. If you have or use a wood pellet furnace or biomass boilers, you can see large savings and a big reduction in the environmental damage you do by learning how to make your own wood pellets. A small pellet mill is not very expensive, and the savings you see will help pay for the equipment in a short time. The first step involves breaking down the raw materials until they are particles which are small. This raw material is then fed into the small pellet mill, where it is heated up using a method of pressure, steam, or the two combined. The heated materials are sent through rollers as well as a die, to give them the desired size and shape. The finished pellets are left to cool down once they come out of the pellet mill, and this is followed by the drying which removes ninety to ninety five percent of the water in the pellets.

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