In the past number of years a majority of companies have jumped on the bandwagon of going green, but with less fervor and more focus on the bottom line. Those that misrepresented themselves were quickly tagged and marked as ‘green washing’ and they received rather nasty names in the process. As corporations have learned their lessons, they seem to have shifted the focus to a more serious mode, realizing that sustainability not only gives them a more favorable public image but can actually offer a better bottom line. Some of the more recent sustainability trends may be a little surprising, but, they are making excellent strides of success.

The topic of indirect emissions control may sound logical, but it is actually quite complicated. This relates to every action that a company takes that may involve some kind of emission. This can involve business travel all the way to ordering supplies for the business with delivery in a high carbon emission vehicle. Companies are now making intelligent choices and partnering with fellow organizations that are focused on sustainability trends and earth-friendly habits.

Green employees is another term that is starting to show an increase in use. The staff of a company that participates in the green efforts, both at work and at home will ultimately increase the sustainability position on the temperature gauge. Employees that assist in a green office environment also help save money.

Saving our precious water resources has come to the front and center in the last few years. The population is increasing and it is anticipated that in just a short period of time, there won’t be enough fresh water for both humans and animals. Water reclamation programs, water retention ponds, drought related plans, waste water reclamation and saving in the use of water is a newer topic to help keep ourselves and our planet safe.

It may not be a shock to also find out that cloud computing and other IT related topics have entered the sustainability arena. The overall methodologies that are involved in saving energy through these sources while maintaining the speed, accuracy and efficiency is actually the benchmark that is being used for future design. In another words, doing more, faster at a lesser overall cost and earth impact.

Individual companies are looking to energy sustainability as the costs of solar, windmill and hydrothermal are being reduced. As companies look to Energy Star equipment they are seeing more and more that can be connected via alternative energy programs. In some cases, the energy can be connected to the grid and not only pay for existing energy use, but add back to the grid for credits and even dollar revenue. This particular sustainable area has become more important in both the large corporate environment as well as smaller businesses.

Sustainability consultants are now a hot new employment opportunity. As companies change their directions towards becoming green, they need the resources of these consultants to help them get through the various nooks and crannies of Federal, State, Local and general compliancy.


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