The environmental concerns over the safety of U.S. oil drilling and offshore oil drilling must be taken seriously. The health and safety of the planet depends on keeping the earth in good condition. Offshore oil drilling can lead to massive ocean pollution. Even land animals can be affected by a spill because the oil will wash up on the beach and contaminate everything it touches. These spills can take decades to clean completely and can severely damage the natural populations of an area. Instead of placing more offshore drilling rigs and opening up one of the last untouched natural areas in the United States, we must turn to alternative energy sources that are renewable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly to ensure that we do not cause any further damage and stress to the earth. Fossil fuels, including oil, contribute to global warming and air pollution. Protecting the environment means putting an end to offshore oil drilling and a dependency on fossil fuels. Instead we need to look at and use other energy sources that are friendly to the environment. Ecological concerns about the environmental impact of drilling for oil are well-founded. The planet can only take so much abuse, but we can stop causing harm to the environment by using alternative energy sources that are more environmentally friendly than oil.

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9 Responses to “Ecological Concerns about US Offshore Oil Drilling”

  1. 1
    Keely Rang Says:

    Another oil rig explosion and the people saying drilling should stop will be driving to work today and using the gas to cook and heat water!

  2. 2
    Andres Molloy Says:

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    Hector Hullender Says:

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    Miguelina Ferrar Says:

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    Vincent Says:

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    fishing Says:

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    Rosemary Gremillion Says:

    Until the Deepwater Horizon explosion, I had no idea offshore drilling posed such risks to the environment. The reason why offshore drilling is not ended is no secret to anyone. But I think there is no other solution but to stop drilling for oil in our oceans. I am just an average citizen, but I love animals, and the sight of those poor birds drenched in oil is just so sad. I don’t understand these wealthy oil moguls. They’ve made their quatrillions. Get out and help environmentalists look for safer energy alternatives that don’t involve killing innocent animals.

  9. 9
    Nicolai V. Says:

    I used to work on an offshore rig and one of the most nerve wracking things was keeping the systems online during hurricanes and bad storms. Those systems go down and you have a potential mess on your hands.

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