Artists around the world are taking on the topic of pollution in a way that will attract and keep our attention. In an effort to bring to the forefront the ways that humans are creating a toxic environment, eco artisans are creating masterpieces that offer a visual sense of beauty with a disturbing message that we cannot forget.

The creative designers called Bloo Nation have designed “The Waving Wall”, a street art in a wave pattern made of 1,200 nineteen liter water bottles. The purpose of the art is to bring attention to the amount of embedded water waste we use in the plastic water bottles that we purchase. The beauty of the wave and the message that is being stated is that this is the amount of water needed to create two pairs of jeans and the plastic that is being discarded is simply overwhelming.

Artist and photographer Mandy Barker’s ‘SOUP’ design is a series of images that focus on the immense amount of plastic products that humans have dumped and contributed to the current “North Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch”. Recent scientific research is showing that the ‘garbage patch’ has extended and grown, with plastics being reduced to smaller and smaller pieces, so that many areas of the world’s oceans contains some level of plastic.

Downtown Lisbon, in Portugal features an incredible visual called ‘Frozen Trees’. Designed by LIKE Architects, they are made of thousands of plastic bag dispensers from IKEA and changed into tall objects with 30 LED illumination and have a street light effect.

Eco artisans around the globe gather items that would normally be placed in landfills and trash heaps and create works of art that remind us that we absolutely have to stop the blatant pollution. Things can be reused and recycled as well as produced using sustainable and renewable energies.


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3 Responses to “Eco Artisans Change Trash into Art Creations”

  1. 1
    StarGirl Says:

    I love the water bottle art concept. Almost everyone that I know uses water bottles and never even tries to use a re-usable bottle. They say they recycle them but I see more of these bottles laying on the street than anywhere else. It’s just wrong, so I’m glad these artists are standing up to say something with their talent.

  2. 2
    NeveradullMoment Says:

    I used some old wrought iron that someone was going to throw away and created an oriental arbor for the back yard. It is a one of a kind and has stood up to the high summer storms that we have. This article has given me an incentive to try to create other things out of stuff no one else wants. What an inspiration, I think I will start to look around today.

  3. 3
    RecyclinRita Says:

    I have been involved in ecology for more years than I can count and I can’t tell you how many times I thought about using my artistic talent to reuse things like broken china dishes and old tables to create a piece of art. The artists of the world are making a statement with trash and turning it into something beautiful.

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