• There are many biomass energy advantages which non-renewable energy sources do not offer

  • Renewable alternative power sources are an important step to a cleaner earth, and less pollution in the future

  • Biomass energy advantages include sufficient availability, price stability, the fact that it is environmentally friendly, and very efficient

There are many biomass energy advantages, especially when this power source is compared to sources which are not renewable. Biomass can include a large number of things, because any matter which is organic and decomposes is included. Trees, plants, wood, industrial and municipal wastes, manure and solid sewage wastes, food wastes, and others are all biomass and can be used to create energy. One of the best biomass energy advantages is that most biomass to energy processes are carbon neutral, or close to it. As plants and trees grow, they clean carbon from the air and earth. When this material is used to generate power there may be a small amount of carbon released, but this is offset by the carbon that was absorbed first. Another advantage is that this material is available in abundance, because agricultural wastes, landfills full of garbage, and other sources of biomass are being created all the time. This makes this energy source renewable, and not reliant on a finite supply of resources that will eventually run low and cause a shortage.

One of the big biomass energy advantages is that there will be no problem meeting the demand for power in the future, and this means that the price will become more stable. Right now oil, coal, and natural gas prices have been very volatile and going up and down in crazy spikes. One of the reasons for this is that non renewable fuels are only available in a specific amount, and can not be replaced. It takes millions of years to create these fuels, and they are almost gone from the earth. Oil companies are having to settle for recovering lower grades of oil that are much harder and more expensive to process, and which cause more pollution and other environmental damage during the processing as well. This is one of the biomass energy advantages, because this energy source is renewable and can be replaced as needed. Another factor which favors renewable energy is that most of the remaining fossil fuels are located underneath the Middle Eastern countries, which are not normally sympathetic to Americans and other westerners, and who have been known to use oil as a political tool. The members of OPEC are not known for their concern over how much gas costs a gallon, and in fact the more a barrel of oil sells for and the higher the market price is, the more these countries profit. The dependence on foreign oil must be eliminated, so that the American people and government are not held hostage to these countries and their politics, or the whims of their leaders.

Biomass energy advantages make them the obvious choice over non-renewable sources like fossil fuels. There are fewer greenhouse gas emissions and pollution released, so the earth stays cleaner and healthier. There are no invasive and destructive mining or drilling processes and methods used that destroy the earth and poison the environment. Biomass will be replaced as it is used, so that there will always be a plentiful supply of clean energy available. Using this material to generate power instead of placing it in the landfill will also help protect the environment, because as biomass decomposes it releases methane and other gases. If these gases are not captured they will go into the air instead, and cause more damage to the planet. There are many renewable energy sources available, but many have problems which prevent them from being utilized effectively. This is not true with biomass, and this renewable energy source can meet even the biggest power demands without harming the global population or the earth and environment.

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    Tree Trimming Says:

    I just sent this post to a bunch of my mates as I do agree with most of what youre saying here and the way youve presented it is clear Thank you for an entertaining read.

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    Ezekiel Lalumiere Says:

    good good…this post deserves nothing 🙁 …hahaha just joking 😛 …nice post 😛

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