Algae farming could be the future energy crop, but some more work needs to be done before this method is perfected. Right now there are a few problems with algae farming on a large-scale basis; cost is one of these. Using open ponds does not work very well, even though this method is cheap because many of the algae strains that grow in this environment are not high in oils. Because microalgae with a high oil content is not very strong, open ponds allow contaminates and other species of algae to invade and threaten the high oil producing algae species. This means that algae must be grown in a very controlled environment. This is not possible with an open pond. This means that a large amount of capital is needed to start an algae farm if it is to be productive and successful. Algae farming using algae species that are perfect for the production of biodiesel means a lot of work as well as expense. These algae strains are high-maintenance and must be protected from any contamination or invasion by other strains of algae.

The benefits of algae farming, however, are almost endless. This energy crop has the capability of replacing all the fossil fuels used in the world with an alternative, renewable biofuel, though technology is not quite that advanced yet and it may take a few years for technology to reach that point. Algae farms may help eliminate waste because the waste produced by animal farms can be used as a food source for the farmed algae. Algae also contain nutrients that can provide a fertilizer that is environmentally friendly and rich in phosphorous and nitrogen. These nutrients can be extracted from the algae and make farming land crops much cleaner and less harmful to the earth.

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