According to some predictions, all of our little electronic devices will be gone – cell phones, computers, watches, MP3 players, etc. Instead, they will all be replaced by tiny chips and will cost virtually nothing and can be placed in our clothing, etc. Some predictions go as far as to say that we’ll be controlling these chips using only our minds. So, we will even be able to move furniture just by sending out the right brainwaves. How correct this is will only be demonstrated by time.

World in 2100
It’s interesting to think about what our world in 2100 will be like. Many of us have pondered this question at one point or another. There is currently a variety of predictions for 2100 going around – some good, some bad – and whether or not they’ll come true, only time will tell. Personally, I like to keep optimistic about it: at the very least I think our kids deserve that.

1 - Spare body parts for extended life.

Spare body parts for extended life
Some predictions for 2100 say that all of us will be able to keep looking like we’re 30 or less until the day we die. If you should ever need an organ transplant, it will be available immediately. Life spans will be extended up to 200 years, with the aging of the brain the only thing we will not be able to counteract.

2 - No more oil!

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