The first seven steps that can be approached from a personal, business and government level that will assist in halting the global warming process.

  • The global warming problem can be minimized if certain steps are taken

  • Deforestation and global warming acceleration are connected, and both should be prevented as much as possible

  • Global warming impacts can affect the entire planet

Global Warming Problem

1. Drive A Vehicle Which Is A Hybrid Or An Electric Powered Vehicle

The global warming problem has made transportation an even more important consideration. Traditional vehicles that use gasoline or diesel fuel have greenhouse gas emissions which contribute to global warming, but driving a hybrid or plug in electric car can reduce the emissions significantly. In the case of an electric car, as long as the electricity is obtained from alternative energy sources such as solar or wind power there are no emissions at all in the entire process. Driving a hybrid vehicle can reduce the carbon emissions which have global warming impacts by a large percentage.

2. Prevent Deforestation Efforts

Deforestation and global warming are closely connected. The trees in the forests on the planet are composed of around fifty percent carbon, and the forests act as huge carbon sinks and pump clean oxygen into the air. By reducing the carbon and other greenhouse gases in the air, the trees can slow down global warming and help keep the earth in better shape. Take all steps possible to stop deforestation, and to encourage replacing the depleted forests around the world whenever possible.

3. Plant Trees, Shrubs, And Other Plants

The global warming problem is getting worse, and recent news reports have shown an increase in temperature, severe storms, and ice melting from the ice shelves. Planting trees and other plants can help clean the air, trap carbon and other harmful greenhouse gases, and provide rich oxygen for the environment. Plants and trees can slow down global warming and keep the changes caused by it to a minimum. By planting living things, you are taking a big step towards reversing the effects of global warming.

4. Use Renewable Alternative Energy Sources

Renewable alternative energy sources can have beneficial global warming impacts. These energy sources do not have large amounts of carbon emissions, and they are renewable. Sources such as solar power, wind power, municipal solid waste to energy, and others are renewable and can be collected without causing harm to the earth. Fossil fuels cause greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental damage, but alternative renewable energy sources do not. Using these sources of energy instead can make a big difference in the pace of global warming.

5. Use Energy Conservation Measures

Conserving energy can have large global warming impacts. Taking steps to conserve energy can help the global warming problem by causing less energy demand which must be met. These steps should include making sure your home is well insulated and your appliances are energy efficient. Turn off lights when you are not in a room, and install a programmable thermostat to help heat and cool your home more efficiently while conserving energy at the same time. Walk or ride a bike instead of driving if you are only going a short distance.

6. Use Biofuels Instead Of Traditional Fuels

Using biofuels in your vehicle can really help with the global warming problem. Biofuels offer many advantages when it comes to global warming impacts. These fuels have carbon emissions which are just a fraction of the carbon released by traditional fossil fuels, and they also do not release anywhere near the level of particulates and other pollutants either. This makes biofuels much more environmentally friendly, and these fuels contribute far less to global warming than traditional fuels do. Using biofuels can allow you to help fight global warming in a big way.

7. Use Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs Instead Of Incandescent Light Bulbs

Changing your light bulbs to compact fluorescent light bulbs instead of using incandescent light bulbs can use about sixty percent less energy in your home each month, and this can add up in a big way. Switching all of the light bulbs in your home can save you tens of dollars or more each month on your electric bills, and you lower energy demand which helps to fight global warming.

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