More in depth look at some of the disastrous outcomes that global warming is causing. A few new pieces of data that cover both natural and man made contributions to global warming.

Global Warming Problem
Global warming means the increase in the earth’s atmospheric temperatures. The gradual increase and decrease in the earth’s atmospheric temperatures over time is a natural process, but the majority of scientists agree that this process has been artificially and exponentially sped up by man-made greenhouse gas emissions. The global warming problem has now become widespread knowledge and the time has come to act.

Here are 7 of some of the most interesting and astonishing global warming facts:

*Even though greenhouse gas emissions are considered to be responsible for global warming, the truth is that the foremost cause of global warming is due to the excess of water vapor present in the atmosphere. Then comes the carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons and nitrous emissions. Keep in mind though that global warming facts such as this one regarding water vapour do not mean that we should stop focusing on reducing CO2 levels, as they still have a big impact on the earth's climate.

*Without the water vapor that is present in the atmosphere which helps to warm the earth; the earth’s temperatures would be consistently below freezing.

* Cows contribute to global warming. When cows poop, they release methane gas (this is why cow dung smells worse than any other animal dung) and methane gas is lethal to our atmosphere.

*For the earth’s atmospheric temperatures to cool down, a few major volcanic eruptions would do this. A volcanic eruption releases great amounts of sulfuric acids into the atmosphere which combine with the water vapor and form a shield which then reflects some of the sunlight away thus, helping to cool down the temperatures across the globe for a couple of years or more (depending on the amount of gases released by the volcano).

*Everyone knows that aerosol is harmful not only to humans, but also to the atmosphere. However, not all aerosol particles cause harm to the earth’s atmosphere, and some do exactly the opposite, and they help protect it. The process of coloration of aerosol particles alters their relationship with the sun. Lightly colored particles reflect the sunlight away from the earth while darkened particles absorb sunlight.

*Clouds also play their role in warming or cooling the earth’s atmospheric temperatures. Wispy or cirrus clouds follow the same rule as cotton candy. Just like cotton candy absorbs the mouth’s moisture (and heat) and dissolves quickly, cirrus clouds also trap sunlight and thus play their role in warming the atmosphere. On the other hand, thicker clouds play their role in cooling the atmosphere by reflecting the sunlight.

*Ever wonder why scientists are so concerned about the melting ice caps, glaciers and the melting of the poles? Well, this is not just because of the rising sea levels that this causes. Humans are essentially destroying their greatest ally against global warming as ice caps and snow reflects a great deal of sunlight, and help keep the earth cool. With the ice caps melting, run-away warming could ensue at a rate which would be disastrous for humankind.

Global warming is a global disaster in the making. However, the most unfortunate thing is that, with the world economy based on fossil fuels, few nations are taking substantial corrective measures; maybe the world needs a “the-day-the-earth-stood-still” event to wake up from its slumber.

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11 Responses to “7 Most Astonishing Facts About Global Warming Problem – Updated Article With Extra Information.”

  1. 1
    jake Says:

    The world absolutely does not need ‘the day the earth stoodstill’ or any other such disastrous event. It needs the public conscience to become more aware of global issues such as pollution. Many people think that its too late and that we can’t get off the path we are on now (human nature etc), but i think that there are reasons to look forward with positivity. The main one is technology. My feeling is that climate change issues will become more and more pressing in the next few decades, and in tandem with this huge steps will be made in the technologies needed to deal with it will. In the meantime we should think and act green and lower our personal impact as we can.

  2. 2
    jake Says:

    Cows contributing to global warming – this is actually an understated problem. There is a growing body of evidence to suggest that methane release from livestock is one of the big factors the we need to deal with. Of-course, vegetarians are jumping on this bandwagon. Personally, I just limit my consumption of meat to 1 or 2 times a week.

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    Ashley Says:

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    Blog Comments Review Says:

    This article is definitely worth saving to the favorites. I read just about everything on this subject and most of it is a re-hash of the usual data. This material is quite a bit different in that the information is up to date and written by an author that is on the cutting edge of the field.

  8. 8
    Fernande Goodkin Says:

    hi-ya, I like all your posts, keep them coming.

  9. 9
    duke Says:

    What a bunch of BS. Nice try to cover the failure of the global warming science and now say global cooling is caused by global warming. What a joke. Listen closely, the global warming hoax is simply a way to take more money from you and give it to someone else. Biggest scam ever. It’s all about money, nothing else.
    Tell me, why did Gore buy a beachfront mansion? Because he knows so-called “global warming is a hoax (and cash cow for him as well) and that the emergency “rising” waters will NEVER impact his new oceanfront retreat.

  10. 10
    sohit Says:

    the global warming effect is explained nicely

  11. 11
    VIJAY K Says:

    If the politicians and big business houses shun their selfishness and work sensibly towards global warming issue,I think to some extent the crisis could be avoided.But the best way I think is to strictly control the population and also at the same time stop setting up any industry for the next ten years.Govt.may control the population by forcing like the Chinese way only.People should also be aware of the fact that SAVE TIGER also means saving the jungle and further saving the earth.In a nutshell Global warming can only be tackled by Total population control,No further industries,and save Tiger schemes only.

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