This is a sad reality in many countries in Asia. For example, the Mekong Delta rivers in Vietnam are so full of garbage (mostly discarded bits of plastic), that motorboats often get stuck because their engines get caught onto pieces of trash. The story is similar in China, Cambodia, Bangladesh, India… It starts at the individual scale and ends with massive industrial waste going into the rivers as well. And then we wonder why things like the Pacific Garbage Patch are such a serious issue in our world today.

3 Different Kinds of Pollution
We all know that there are different sources of pollution that exist all around the world. Most of these are the standard ones – greenhouse gas emissions, water contamination by factories, nuclear power plants, etc. But there are also different sources of pollution that are more subtle and not very much talked about. Here are 3 kinds of pollution that few will know about:

1) Rivers, a.k.a. Trash Canals

Rivers, a.k.a. Trash Canals
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