Windmill generators and wind turbine power have been used for hundreds of years, and is one of the oldest methods available for energy generation. Ancient civilizations used the power of the wind to help mill wheat and other grains, and these energy systems have been used though history to capture and use the energy that the wind provides. A modern residential wind turbine power system does not require any batteries to store the energy, because the system is hooked into the grid. The wind causes the turbines to turn, which collects the kinetic energy of the wind. This energy is then converted into electricity and power for your home. There are two power sources, wind turbine power and the utility company. If there is not sufficient wind, the electricity you use will be drawn from the utility company. If the wind is present, your home will use power from the wind energy system first, and then draw from the utility grid. If more energy is generated than you use each month, the utility company buys the extra power generated at a fair and competitive price.

Wind turbine power systems can range from very small to very large, depending on the space you have available and your energy needs. The cost of a small wind turbine can range from six thousand to twenty two thousand dollars, including installation, and this cost will normally be recouped over the lifetime of the system.

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    rolex Says:

    Well said, mostly, but don’t you feel you’re oversimplifying?

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    force factor Says:

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    Solar Panels Says:

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    James Says:

    I think it will be hard for windmill power to get the respect it deserves as long as there is so much big money in the oil companies. It is the same reason we will never see cars that run on water!

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